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Leslie HowellLOVED seeing this! Thanks to Sooner4ou for telling everyone about it! I would have never known!!!3 days ago   ·  4
Starla Depasse ChristmanIt's wonderful seeing the fire in Coach Switzer's eyes while reminiscing the glory days. And Boz looks great!!3 days ago   ·  9
Justin JuddThe bo Jackson thing gets old. How many NFL linebackers can run down a NFL tailback from behind? Or fill a hole and win while moving laterally when a 240# beast has a full head of steam? I thought he done great to just make the tackle.3 days ago   ·  8
Scott GinnThe best linebacker to ever play at OU and we've had a lot of great linebackers that have played at OU3 days ago   ·  9
Brenda AllenAwesome!!! There is only one!3 days ago   ·  7
Ronald GollihareWish we had a dozen Boz's on the Sooners team right now. He was special.3 days ago   ·  5
Deana GarrettThose were the glory days!!!3 days ago   ·  5
Rhonda Slay CaturaLoving it! We need a few beasts like him on the team now. ;)3 days ago   ·  5
Rodney PierceTHE BOZ !!! THE BEST EVER!!!3 days ago   ·  4
Richard WhiteReally enjoyed the show and going back to those glory days of Big 8 smash mouth football!3 days ago   ·  4
Derek Michael NewtonI sure seemed like my unc Dante Jones was in a lot of those plays too :-)2 days ago   ·  3
Martin ChaseOne of the reasons I went to O.U.3 days ago   ·  3
Michael D Allenthe was a great show the boz was such a wonderful player. i just wish one time we could have beaten the hated hurricanes of miam. 3 days ago   ·  3
Janis BellewAfter college Bo Jackson instructed him on humility though. :-)3 days ago   ·  3
David ShyersWas watching a highlight video of him and it looked like a video game. Hike/sack that quick. Impressive.3 days ago   ·  3
Janis BellewBarry was the best !!3 days ago   ·  3
Joy CorbinEnjoyed the show , it was great seeing the games and watching "the Boz" , I wish Brian and his family the best .3 days ago   ·  2
Carl HallOne of the best linebackers to have played. Yes he was. One of the biggest jerks in person. I remember going to a club in Norman. I went with a guy they called moose. This was in 1987. It was penny beer night. Boss stood up at table and said. "I'll kick anybody's ass in this place." Moose said, "set down Brian, before you have to." Brian shook it off, as if it was a joke. Never forget that. Boomer Sooner Brian. Boomer Sooner!3 days ago   ·  2
Brent Hess#theboz3 days ago   ·  2
Lenny Hodges"THE BOZ"3 days ago   ·  2
Irley Ross HornbeckI think some people here should have watched a little longer before commenting, come on people we need to keep Stoops, if anybody can fix the program he can, I'm sure he is doing some evaluating now, and your not going to hear him say anything about any of his coaching staff, that's just not Stoops, but I promise you he knows what he needs to do, does anyone realize how long it takes for a coach to come in a readjust to a program and adjust that program to his way of building a program, I think some minor adjustments to what Stoops does is exactly what Oklahoma Football needs and much easier than starting over..3 days ago   ·  2
Ron BalesOU needs Barry and players like Boz now.3 days ago   ·  4
Rick PyleGreat player.... But he was a jerk when he was at OU3 days ago   ·  2
Michael DeatonCan we bring Switzer back and get rid of Stoops3 days ago   ·  2
Sheri Kovelda HundleyBOOMER SOONER!2 hours ago   ·  1

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