Thoughts Regarding Offense From OU Spring Game

Thoughts Regarding Offense From OU Spring Game

by / 0 Comments / 3 View / April 17, 2012

Seems like every year that passes, I enjoy football more and more. Which explains why I actually enjoyed OU’s spring game Saturday.  Live football is hard to beat, even if you can’t hit the quarterback or have a scoreboard that means something.

So here are my thoughts on the Sooners from Saturday. I’ll stick to offense in this blog, then hit you with defense later.

– On the scrimmage’s first 13 snaps, the Sooners put the ball in the hands of three Treys – Millard, Franks and Metoyer. I wonder if the nature of their first names precludes the Sooners from adding any more Treys.

– Metoyer is a star in the making. I’m ready to proclaim him the Sooners’ best receiver right now, even before he sees his firstOklahoma August.

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