Bob Stoops Continues To Defend Quarterback Landry Jones

Bob Stoops Continues To Defend Quarterback Landry Jones

by / 0 Comments / 14 View / October 30, 2012

Sooner4OU Commentary:  The “Landry Situation” has been a hot potato for going on two seasons now.  Too be honest it is getting old.   Regardless of what Bob says Landry has self-admittedly struggle at times the last two seasons.  Bob is just doing what most good coaches do and that is stand by their quarterback.  It is important to note that Landry has also excelled at times this season, while standing behind a patchwork offensive line that is made up of two converted tight-ends, so to blame it all on landry seeems a bit drastic. I for one appreciate that Landry owns up to it when he struggles, this is not the case in many sports or even in pro football (i.e. Tony Romo, Philip Rivers, Colt McCoy, etc…).  Regardless of the drama, if Landry can help lead this Sooner squad to a BCS Bowl much of this will be forgotten, as we head in to the “Blake Bell Era” next year.  Boomer!

Article Excerpt: Bob Stoops has long been one of his quarterback’s most vocal supporters.

Monday, though, responding to another question about Oklahoma fans who don’t share his fondness of Landry Jones, Stoops was especially unrelenting toward the fifth-year senior’s critics.

“People aren’t very intelligent about football,” Stoops said. “I’m not criticizing them; it’s not what they do. … People, whatever occupation they are, it’s just like me trying to do what they do. They’d probably scoff at that.”

Jones finished Saturday’s 30-13 loss to Notre Dame having completed 35 of 51 passes for 356 yards. He didn’t throw a touchdown pass and had a fourth-quarter pass intercepted while the Sooners were on a potential game-tying drive.

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