OU Losing Its Phenomenal Advantage Playing At Home

OU Losing Its Phenomenal Advantage Playing At Home

by / 0 Comments / 10 View / October 31, 2012

Sooner4OU Commentary:  To me this is one of the most saddening elements to the Sooner’s current struggles in the last half of 2011 and this year.  A record that was intimidating to the opponents, a strong pull for recruits and a source of great pride for the University and the entire Sooner nation is eroding right before our eyes.  It is just another indicator that while the coaches and administration profess that everything is “OK’, in truth there is and should be some concern.  The national press, local press and long-time Sooner fans are seeing it and have been able to show numerous indicators of which this is just another.  Nobody of reason, nor am I saying we should get rid of some coaches or any huge changes, but the type of recruit and the style of play should be re-considered as most of the other big programs have already made the move to the “Big Style”(we used to be that team) and are benefiting greatly from it.  Will it happen?  Who knows…but hopefully some reality will sink in soon and changes will be made.  Time will tell…

Article Excerpt: It is college football’s most shocking turnaround this side of Auburn. The Oklahoma Sooners, who lost two home games over Bob Stoops’ first 12 1/2 years as coach, have lost three of their last seven at Owen Field.

“Where I grew up, if you fight in your own yard, you better win. That’s just a mentality I took,” OU defensive tackle Jamarkus McFarland said. “When you lose out here in front of your whole fan base it’s kind of embarrassing.”

It is obviously worth pointing out that OU’s home-field losses this season have come against Kansas State and Notre Dame.

“Sitting at two and three in the country right now. Both undefeated. Both running over people,” defensive end David King said. “And we played them pretty close.”

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