Sooners Looking For Some Revenge Saturday Against Baylor

Sooners Looking For Some Revenge Saturday Against Baylor

by / 0 Comments / 13 View / November 8, 2012

Look into his eyes      The darkness will overwhelm     Revenge he shall have

Mike Stoops crazy eyes haiku? Mike Stoops crazy eyes haiku.

It’s not very likely anyone in the crimson and cream, be they player or coach, need a reminder about what transpired last year in Waco. And yet as early as Monday, there were multiple Oklahoma defensive players quoted as saying the defensive coaches had encouraged them to watch the film from last year’s game. Javon Harris, who many will remember struggled mightily in the game, even said he was watching film during his most recent class. It certainly does not come as a surprise, given how poorly the Oklahoma defense played in last year’s game it makes sense the coaches would use it as a tool as they prepare for Saturday.

The point of all this being, Oklahoma will not be lacking for motivation come Saturday afternoon. For whatever reason, the Baylor game from last season seems to have struck a chord with so many. It’s frequently the game called upon whenever one attempts to describe the Sooners defensive struggles from last season.

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