OU’s Helmet: No Oregon Flash Here, Just Great Tradition

OU’s Helmet: No Oregon Flash Here, Just Great Tradition

by / 0 Comments / 762 View / May 31, 2013

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Recruits are now wanting their teams to wear exciting new uniforms with flashy helmets.  While many fans at the elite programs want and expect tradition to win out…new helmets and uniforms be damned.  Personally, I am a big fan of the current helmet, even though I grew up with the original crimson helmet in the 70s, 80s and most of the 90s. The current rage of change everything on your uniform multiple times during the season is a little too much for me, Phil Knight’s never-ending experiment with Oregon’s uniforms is sad and will not contribute to the tradition of the program. What else would you expect from the angry man that runs Nike? The way OU embraces its traditions, I believe is the right path. Boomer!

On the SoonerSports.com site they state:Oklahoma football is instantly recognizable to fans across the country by the familiar crimson helmet bedecked with interlocking white OU logos. But how did the Sooners come to wear this helmet? Oklahoma has worn a version of the crimson helmet with OU logo since the 1966 season. Prior to 1966, the Sooners sported white helmets with a single crimson stripe down the center with crimson numerals on both sides (1957-65) and the same helmet without the numerals (1946-56).”

OU’s Athletic Department is far more conservative than Oregons and has a far greater tradition to consider and so other than some throwback helmets and uniforms here and there, I don’t believe they will bow to the recruiting pressure and change up things.  It is not the Sooner way!

What do you think?

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