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The Sooners Have > 45% Chance to Go 11-1 or Better in 2014

by / 0 Comments / 78 View / March 12, 2014

According to ESPN’s Brian Fremeauthe #Sooners have 46 percent likelihood to finish 11-1 or better in 2014. Given the Sooners 45-31 win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and that they are the only non-SEC team to beat Alabama in the last five seasons, he might be right.  Bob Stoop’s 2014 squad has many of the right elements to be part of the national title discussion and should given the favorable conference schedule represent the Big12 as it ‘s 2014 champion, unless they fall pray to the injury bug or some other worst-case scenario.  Regardless, the Sooners are a team that should be favored in every game and contend for a national title.  What do you think about the Sooner’s National Title hopes in 2014?

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