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5 Things All Oklahoma Sooner Football Fans Must Know!

by / 0 Comments / 1461 View / April 19, 2014

It’s hard to be an Oklahoma Sooner fan when you live somewhere other than the State of Oklahoma. The Sooners in the eyes of the rest of the NCAA, are an elite program, but located in Tornado Alley, far away from the coasts and playing in the smaller Big12. The State of Oklahoma is often joked about and not usually shown in a positive light by Hollywood.

But it is not all rodeos and cowboys: The Oklahoma Sooners are one of the elite college football programs in NCAA history. The five items below are facts that every Sooner fan should know and bear out the elite status of the Sooner program.

1. The Center of the College Football Universe is Memorial Stadium. Home of the Longest Winning Streak (47 wins) in NCAA history

 Memorial Stadium Fireworks

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Oklahoma’s memorial Stadium is a must travel destination for opposing fans when the play the Sooners. It is great to see how well opposing team’s fans show up in Norman in force hoping to pull off a win in one of the hardest stadiums to win in. The Sooners record at home, since it’s opening in 1923 is a truly formidable 364-81-15 (80%).

2. The Sooners have 7 claimed National Championships, 10 unclaimed National Championships and 44 Conference Titles

We can thank the SEC, specifically Alabama and Texas A&M for re-introducing the idea of unclaimed national championships, as they both look to create any advantage in recruiting. The idea of unclaimed national championships is real to some as they are recognized by the NCAA and a shame to others, as in the distant past there were multiple polls and polling authorities, each of which selected a mythical national champion at the end of the season. This was especially confusing during the large wars as many teams were basically trumped-up intramural teams, as many draft-age men were at war. The Sooners 44 conference titles puts it squarely amongst the top teams nationally and clearly illustrates OU’s dominance.

OU national champions

Regardless, if others are going to use these shadow stats then it is important for the informed Sooner fan to be aware of the Sooners achievements as well.

3. The University of Oklahoma has historically spent the most weeks’ ranked number one in both the AP Poll and The BCS Polls and is the only NCAA team to win all four BCS Bowls

The Sooners have an incredible history with the AP (Associated Press) Poll since it beginning in 1936. The Sooners have been ranked Number one more than any team in NCAA football team. Additionally, also spent the most weeks in the top five and top 10. Facts by


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The Sooners are the only team in BCS history to win all four BCS Bowls (Fiesta, Sugar, Rose and Orange). Many of these records will stand for some time as they take a great deal of games and victories to exceed percentage and poll wise.

4. Incredibly Oklahoma Football has had 5 Heisman Winners, 31 Unanimous All Americans, 76 Consensus All Americans, 154 Total All Americans and 65 National Award Winners

The Sooners have an incredible record regarding player’s honors. Beyond the five Heisman winners (Bradford ’08, White ’03, Sims ’78, Owens ’69, Vessels ’52), they have also placed 20 players in the College Football Hall of Fame.

75 champsPhoto Credit:

In addition to player’s honors, Oklahoma is the only program in NCAA history with four head coaches with greater than 100 wins.

5. The Oklahoma Sooners Football Program was named the Most Prestigious Program In NCAA History By ESPN

In January 2009, ESPN ranked according to prestige points all the NCAA teams. The rankings were a numerical method of ranking the best college football programs since the 1936 season. ESPN’s research department ran all the numbers through the computer to come up with the No. 1 program of the past 73 seasons. ESPN said: “When you look at the big picture of college football since 1936, no program has achieved greatness as consistently as Oklahoma. We didn’t even count the fact that Oklahoma owns the longest win streak in FBS history (47) or leads the nation with a .765 winning percentage since World War II.” By nearly all accounts by those who spend considerable time looking at the history of college football OU is the best team in the Modern Era (Since 1946). Numbers do not lie!

Orange Bowl Natty

Photo Credit: AP

Simply put, the University of Oklahoma has the most total victories and the top winning percentage in the NCAA, since the end of World War II. The Sooners have earned seven AP National Championships during that period and are recognized by the NCAA for a total of 16 national titles since 1946.