Over 86 Years of History At OU’s Memorial Stadium’s

Over 86 Years of History At OU’s Memorial Stadium’s

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Oklahoma Memorial Stadium’s rich heritage has not hindered its evolution, a never-ending growth fueled by the Sooners’ overwhelming popularity. Almost since its inception, the stadium has been a work in progress. View a map of OU’s current campus with approximate locations of all four of the Sooners’ home fields.

The original University football field was located on the prairie north of the present Holmberg Hall. OU’s first game in 1895 was played there against the Oklahoma City Town Team. Later Oklahoma teams played about 100 yards east of the first field at a spot also unnamed. Both of these early fields consisted solely of a smooth wire fence stretched along both sidelines.

The stadium over time has acquired an impressive reputation for being tough to play in and even tougher to win at.  This is the result of some amazing Sooner football teams, an outstanding home record and a tradition that is second to none.

Click on the link below to see some great pictures of the stadium over the 86 years.

Via soonersports.com  Photo: SoonerSports.com

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