Stoops Vs. SEC:  Does Stoops Have A Point? Absolutely

Stoops Vs. SEC: Does Stoops Have A Point? Absolutely

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Stoops at UTEPOklahoma’s Bob Stoops has chosen to take the David versus Goliath approach to making a point or two about the SEC propaganda.  It is interesting how much press and controversy Coach Stops comments have generated based on some fairly benign comments.   After all, he didn’t say the were overrated or that they did not deserve to win the last seven National Championships.  He just pointed out that there is a lot of hype and propaganda surrounding the overall dominance of the SEC.

Guess what?  He is right.  The SEC is by far the most sensationalized conference in college football.  Yet, are they the best conference, probably.  But, that is largely due to having two or three top teams that play only eight games in conference and many of those against the bottom half of the conference.  Add in the patsy out of conference teams that many of the top SEC teams play and you really have a manageable schedule to get ranked in the top ten in the AP and Coach’s Poll.

The voter’s in those polls are also swayed by the SEC and their broadcast partner ESPN constant propaganda.  Just think Tim Tebow, Alabama, Nick Saban, Johnny Manziel and Cam Newton to name a few of the more recent propaganda campaigns that featured the SEC or it’s members.  This is important as when the voters cast their votes they tend to have an SEC bias.  Sometimes, even when a SEC team has lost they still get ranked higher than a team from another conference that won a big game.  It has been a subject of controversy for years, but the talking heads and the SEC go to work to make a case to legitamize the ranking. This has frustrated many outside the SEC and has contributed to their “arrogance”, as others see it.

The SEC and it’s teams have also found ways to allow players that are grade risks to play and start.  Many of these players like Cam newton have been offered or given money, yet the conference finds a way to help the NCAA to look the other way or claim they don’t have enough evidence.  You don’t really believe Cam Newton’s Dad was the only one that new about the money being offered…seriously?  Did the NCAA really do all it could to determine if the was a major infraction at Auburn surrounding Cam Newton’s recruitment?  Not a chance.

So, what can be done.  In short nothing, as the SEC and ESPN have no interest in what’s fair or seeing parity in college football.  They want to pull in more money, build bigger stadiums and maintain their position as the top conference, no matter the cost.  It is truly about the money and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

If some level of parity is what you want to see then four or five super conferences made up of at least 14 teams is the only possibility for that to happen.  Even with that structure, you would have the top teams expecting to have better treatment and more revenue than some of the others.  College football is the greatest sport out there, but it is a mess.and the SEC is a big part of that.  Does that make the SEC a villain?  No, they are just doing what others have done before and would likely do.  ESPN and the other large sports broadcasters are the ones causing the disparity and are unapologetic about it.  Many think ESPN is the giant in this particular story.

So load your slingshot Bob Stoops and give the giant a pop!  Someone needs too.

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