Is OU Really Still Recruiting And Getting Top Talent? Are The Sooners Still Elite?

Is OU Really Still Recruiting And Getting Top Talent? Are The Sooners Still Elite?

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NCAA Footbal: Oklahoma at Texas TechMany of those that intensely watch the Sooners and their recruiting efforts are deeply concerned that the talent that fueled Bob Stoop’s impressive 2000-2008 run is no longer present in Norman. In fact, the article linked below provides great detail into where they believe the talent drop-off occurred and its affects on the current Sooner championship hopes.  In the article, Jordan Esco of The Crimson and Cream Machine states:

“With Oklahoma suffering what many believe to be a noticeable drop-off in overall talent, we examine their recruiting classes all the way back to 2005 in an effort to see just where the problems started.”

and he states further

“It’s of interest to me for any number of reasons, but the most prominent being as someone who follows recruiting (probably closer than I should) there is a general consensus currently that Oklahoma is no longer landing the elite level athletes they once reeled in on a pretty regular basis.”

While others in the Sooner nation may believe that the Sooners are stilling getting top talent and make claims that the star system of evaluating and ranking recruiting talent is overrated, it is still apparent that their has been a drop-off in talent and their corresponding ability to execute at a high-level on the field.  The parties claiming there is a drop-off point to the failure to get to the national championship game in the last few years and the stunning loss to Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl.  The parties that think the Sooners are doing well tend to highlight the shellacking of Texas and others and the continuous stream of Big12 championships, as to the recruiting talent and their efforts.

I find myself somewhere in the middle as I believe their has been a bit of a drop-off in key areas (Defensive line, Tight-End, etc…), but not all positions. I further believe that it has been some former coaches just phoning it in and the predictability of the schemes the Sooners have continually used that account for much of the poor performance in big games.  However, I believe Bob Stoops’ crew can reach higher heights this year and by employing new schemes (offensively: Zone Read, etc…) and not relying solely on the spread.  Too much of anything is not good.  Defensively, surely their will be improvement in Mike Stoops’ second year and the return to the defense (4-2-5) that ruled the early 2000s with fast linebackers in Shannon and Jones punishing those looking for seams (since most of the Big12 using some form of the spread) using bubble plays, three-wide and screens.

Overall, I am optimistic that the Sooners can deliver some exciting and lofty results with the talent they have and also believe that despite the slight drop-off that the future is bright in Norman.

What do you think about OU’s recruiting and  it’s affects on the capability to deliver top results?

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