Do The Sooners Play 3 Of The 5 Most Overrated Teams Going into 2013? Absolutely!

Do The Sooners Play 3 Of The 5 Most Overrated Teams Going into 2013? Absolutely!

by / 1 Comment / 18 View / July 16, 2013

Ash At TexasI thought all the Sooner fans out there would get a kick out of this Bleacher Report article, which has the Sooners playing three of its top five most overrated teams going into 2013.  Notre dame, OSU and Texas are all overrated according to this article and actually the author makes a pretty good case for the reasons they are overrated.  So, for those of you that have been reading some of the prognosticators predicting the Sooners to lose four or five games this season…just hold on as they have gotten way ahead of themselves in my opinion.  Many of those sports writers are claiming the Sooners lost some wide-outs, which we did, but we  actually have a more talented and deeper corp than last season.

One more thing, Blake bell is not a freshman, nor is he someone who doesn’t have significant playing time. Bell is more like a junior with considerable playing time an huge upside, much more than the quarterbacks at OSU, Texas and Notre Dame.  He will be far more successful than they think, especially with the new Zone Read being mixed in with the spread.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Notre Dame should not be allowed to have its own officals!! if they work for the school well.. you do the math… osu has the best paid players ol boone can get.. the ncaa needs to dig a little deeper and really make infractions stand out!! oregons deal was a joke and they laughed at the santions, paid players and officals.. the ncaa needs to either hammer them or throw out the rule book!!! texas well MACK is over the Hill and they need New Blood or the recruits will keep going North of the River..

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