Are New Nike Uniforms In the Future For The Sooners?

Are New Nike Uniforms In the Future For The Sooners?

by / 6 Comments / 123 View / August 2, 2013

Take a look at this good article by Berry Tramel at NewsOk about Bob Stoops recent comments potentially opening the door for some new uniforms to satisfy the new-age recruits that are being drawn away from OU.  According to the article Coach Stoops states:

“You’re never above experimenting here or there,” Stoops said. “Some time you have a chance to do it, you never know. You know why, too, it’s fair to say.”

that is really interesting and some what of a reversal given Coach Stoops and the Administration have come out several times over the years against it or at least not willing to consider it.  But with Nebraska and several other elite powers now moving towards integrating some new uniforms into the mix, the Sooners may be looking to do someting.  Stoops also commented that Nike would love for the Sooners to try a new look uniform for a game or two.  That stands to reason as they have really pushed the boundaries of good taste with Oregon and others.  Coach Stoops and the Sooners would obviously be much more reserved if they decided to move forward and wear a new-age uniform for a game or two next season, but the discussions have obviously been had.

In the voting poll in the NewsOk article it is currently split right down the middle at 50/50.  Interesting results.  Lets see what the future brings.

What do you think about the Sooner wearing a new uniform for a game or two?

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  1. I love the ‘CREAM’ of the crop. My SOONERS represent ~me!


  3. What the uniforms look like isn’t really that important to me as long as we are WINNING… #BOOMER!!!!!! Ready for #8 National Title!

  4. I love the old fashion crimson and cream (white) but I think it’s necessary for the future of the team. can’t stop progress. Kids these days aren’t into old fashion. They want to have the newest greatest thing. Plus I’ve always thought a little Black on the uniforms would look really sharp.

  5. Brand is important, but remaining flexible in your thinking is paramount to being competitive into the future. Ultimately, the best players coached up to work together as a team wins games. However, it never hurts to add a little spice to the ingredients and new uniforms are gaining popularity throughout the college level. Just stay away from a “blue” playing field. Sooner fan since 1951.

  6. i do not wish to add black to the title legacsy we have in norman i think if we are to try new styles then ok but let it still be in the name of crimson and cream oh faithful you have brought us 7 and now i wish for no#8 go sooners

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