Switzer Wants To Jerk Manziel’s Facemask! Stand In Line!

Switzer Wants To Jerk Manziel’s Facemask! Stand In Line!

by / 0 Comments / 224 View / September 4, 2013

No ManzielKing Barry was already at the top of my Sooner list, but he has ascended to a higher-level with his candid comments about the spoiled punk Johnny Manziel.  Switzer had the following to say: “I’m certainly disappointed in his actions,” Switzer said while on ESPN Radio. “For him to act so arrogant, I wanted to jerk his face mask and I wanted to grab him.”

Two other college analysts Matt Millen and Lou Holtz have had candid and strong reactions to the continued spoiled bad-boy saga that defines Johnny Manziel, read more from this story on CBSSprots.com  Manziel’s multiple poor antics on Saturday have done nothing but illuminate the bad person within.  Too be honest, the whole he is a college kid thing doesn’t pass with me and others as he is getting top-flight counsel and PR access, yet he continues to be a douche.  Even his Dad has said he is acting wrong, but too no avail.  I thought the coaches actions by pulling him out of th game with 9:30 left to play was a good start, but more discipline is needed.  He is not only a bad role model, but just a poor sport in general.  It is time for college football to do what is good for the game and not allow the Cam Newtons, Aaron Rodriguez and Johnny Manziels of the world tarnish or stain such a beloved sport in need of better representatives.

We can only hope the Coach Sumlin and Chancellor Sharp down in College Station are brave enough to take the appropriate actions should Manziel reveal his true self again.  Pitiful….

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