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You would think, as a lifelong Sooner fan, member of numerous OU fan and forum sites and thousands of tweets later, that I would’ve run out of things to say. Quite the contrary, I am  just getting started...

Are you a Sooner4OU too?  Boomer!









A self-made entrepreneur and life long Sooner fan, I’ve spent the past few years living the American dream, one that affords me the capability to operate Sooner4OU.com and offer a different spin and view on OU sports.  One of my daughters is a recent OU graduate and like the rest of my family bleeds Sooner Crimson.

Away from the keyboard, I’m a husband, a father to three wonderful girls, a former college football player for Tulsa, a less-than-stellar golfer, a comedy movie-quoter, a weekend tri-athlete, an arm-chair quarterback, a techie, a New Zealand All-Blacks rugby fan, and a guess that tune (mainly 70s, 80s and 90s) music lover.

I was honored to be able to present the Doak Walker Trophy to Ladainian Tomlinson in front of a national television audience on ESPN.  Also, I have been lucky to be able to spend time with numerous big-time athletes like John McEnroe, Dan Marino, Ronnie Lott, Jim Jackson, Steve Nash, Josh Huepel and others over the years.  It provides insight into the mind of the serious athlete and I will use it to help guide my commentary.

What is Sooner4OU and Why Should You Care (a little)?

Sooner4OU.com was created as an independent site to fill a vacuum in the digital coverage that is being provided by the large OU forum-based sites or Oklahoma Sooner’s fan sites run by the big sports services like ESPN, CBS Sports, etc…  There are numerous forum and fan sites dedicated to to the Oklahoma Sooners. Several of these sites do a good job and you will find hyperlinks on Sooner4OU to some of the best.

So, in 2010, Sooner4OU.com was born. It was recently modified to run on a different, more scalable platform with an emphasis on content curation.  Meaning that the posts will be covering both large, small and independent news sources. We are not trying to be like or pretending to provide what other Sooner sites are already doing. Instead, I am focused on providing views, articles and information in less media driven way.  No publisher or editor with agendas driving the editorial path, just Sooner coverage from a fan’s perspective…without restrictions.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do running and curating it. If so, please tell your friends about Sooner4OU.

If you have any OU Sooners news or  information you’d like to forward to me, it is greatly appreciated. I’ll be happy to publish it if appropriate.  Of course, I will credit you for the news, information or images accordingly. Please forward this information to mark@sooner4ou.com

That, my friends, is what Sooner4OU is all about. Independent, Unrestricted, Unrelenting and Unobstructed. Sooner4OU…sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The Fine Print

Copyright © 2012 · All Rights Reserved Sooner4OU.com – This site is not affiliated with the University of Oklahoma. The Sooner4ou Site is for entertainment purposes only. The posts and opinions are for the enjoyment of the readers and are solely the opinions of the authors.  Image Credits: Please let me know if I have not credited an image on this site. And, if I have used an image that belongs to you and you would prefer it not be posted, let me know and I will take it down.  Accidents happen.

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