Guest Posting Guidelines For Sooner4OU

Sooner4OU wants to allow guest posts and yet make sure that the content is presented in a way that drives value to those loyal readers.  For this reason, we have the following guidelines:

1. You have to be part of the Sooner Nation and know your the Sooners as well as I do

So, if you want to write a guest post on Sooner4OU you’ll need to know your stuff pretty well. While, Sooner4OU doesn’t have the largest readership in the world, I am still committed to providing a different and enticing style.  So, it is vital that your h=guest post is interesting and of value to our readers.

2. You have to be open to critical feedback in the interest of strong content and curation

I will apologize in advance, but getting a guest post will be more difficult with your first attempt.  Hopefully, you can appreciate this though as it is for the protection of the readers and loyal followers of Sooner4OU. I do promise however, to hold myself to the same standard, expected of those that want to provide a guest post.

3. You have to be a decent sports blogger

Notice I didn’t say a decent writer. I don’t care if you are a decent writer. I want you to be a good sports blogger.

What’s the difference? Well, a good sports blogger knows how to write but also how to make those words work on a blog. They use headers, dot points, links and photos to sell their ideas. And their ideas are clever and provide a new perspective on something that we all do everyday. And they can push their content socially.  The better the content the more likely it gets posted on Sooner4OU

This means is that I would like to pick only a small handful of guest sport’s posters to regularly feature on the Sooner4oU versus of dozens of one-timer posters. I want their guest blogger’s posts on Sooner4oU to post awesome work and be proud of their efforts and I will in return share the metrics, social analytics regarding their post(s).