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5 Things All Oklahoma Sooner Football Fans Must Know!

It’s hard to be an Oklahoma Sooner fan when you live somewhere other than the State of Oklahoma. The Sooners in the eyes of the rest of the NCAA, are an elite program, but located in Tornado Alley, far away…

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Blake Bell’s Return As Tight-End This Fall Has The Sooner Nation Primed!

The Sooner Nation was thrilled when Blake Bell announced he was staying at OU – The senior’s announcement that he would move to tight-end and use his knowledge of the offense to try and help the team was well received…

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Who Will Be The Next Star Running back For The Sooners?

As the #Sooners continue through the spring session, no position is being more closely watch than the running back position. For the first time in many years, OU ran the ball more than they passed it. They ran 559 times…

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The Sooners Have > 45% Chance to Go 11-1 or Better in 2014

According to ESPN’s Brian Fremeau, the #Sooners have 46 percent likelihood to finish 11-1 or better in 2014. Given the Sooners 45-31 win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and that they are the only non-SEC team to beat Alabama in the…

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The Sooners Have Many Prognosticators Thinking National Title Run In 2014

The #Sooners continue to rank high with all the prognosticators for 2014.  The win against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl along with all the returning players in key spots has many seeing #OU in the four team playoff.   If you…

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The Sooners Trevor Knight, A 2014 Heisman Candidate?

Is the #Sooners Trevor Knight a potential 2014 #Heisman candidate?  If you read the article by Guerin Emig from the #TulsaWorld, then he is potentially a bona-fide Heisman Candidate.  Obviously, the Alabama win with Trevor completed 75% of his passes…

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The Sooners Ride High Into Spring Practice

Head Coach Bob Stoops and the Sooners head into spring practice confident and ready to go.  Still riding high from the Sugar Bowl win over Alabama, this is a Sooner squad beaming with confidence.  The coaches are needing only to…

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The Ten Commandments of Sooner Football Heading into the Texas Tech Game

The Ten Commandments of Sooner Football Heading into the Texas Tech game 1.   Thou shalt play with confidence, have swagger and be balling relentlessly, even if tortillas are thrown at you 2.   Thou shalt deny the Tech the passing game…

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It Is Gameday! Sooner4OU Preview: #18 OU Sooners At Kansas – 2:30PM CST

It is Gameday! The University of Oklahoma’s #18 ranked Football team takes it 5-1 record (2-1 conference) into enemy territory against KU in Lawrence, Kansas.  Even though this is a game against a team that is ranked near the bottom…

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Many In The Sooner Nation Are Upset Over The Offensive Game Plan Used Against Texas

There is a lot of angst in the Sooner Nation surrounding Josh Heupel and his ineffective game plan and inability to adjust last Saturday. It reminds many of them of the last couple of seasons where things seem to stall…

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